Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another unusual option, Pontiac Bonneville Sleeping Trunk

This full size car has alot of trunk space, and is about the size of a double mattress. It's the only example of this factory option for mosquito netting and travel gear storage that I've ever seen or heard of, for the cross country travler on a budget. A 40's nash did something similar, but the car could be completely closed up, and just the rear upper seat flipped up towards the roof for the trunk access.

For what this Pontiac cost when new, I'm thinking discretionary funds would disappear once this was in your driveway. Very cool guy owns this, he's also a sport bike rider, and he used to show up at the La Mesa Thursday night cruise frequently. These shots are from the really big annual Balboa Park Auto Museum car show that is worth the lack of spectator parking for the fine collection that gets out onto the lawn, along with the vast local supply of interwesting and rare cars that only need to pony up 15 buck for on the grass parking.

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