Sunday, November 12, 2006

British Racing Green

Isn't British... how about that? From a Road and Track magazine reader Hayden R. Shepley's comment, concerning an article in the Cyril Posthumus in April 1969... The origin of the color British Racing Green is from 1903 when the British wouldn't allow the Gordon Bennett race to be held in Britain. Ireland was asked to hold the race on their roads after Parliament had a special act passed to allow this. This act allowed certain public roads to be closed, thereby making this the first ever closed circuit race in automobile history. As a compliment to the Irish, all the English cars were painted a dark green. Previosly all the winning cars from this race, that used to be held in Napier were painted red, sort of indicative of those who hold the trophy from the previous race... kinda like the yellow Jersey, or Green sport coat.

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