Saturday, November 11, 2006

Imagine Carroll Shelby handing this out

It happened in 1966, at the Winternats. A guy I know let me borrow this original flyer that Carroll handed to him. I think it would be worth thousands to someone who wanted it for their own Shelby Mustang. Imagine how rare it has to be that anyone held onto a flyer for a car they weren't going to buy. Imagine for a moment being a owner of a 1966 Shelby GT 350, and never realizing this flyer existed. Now how geeked do you think I was to be shown, and loaned this flyer, that I wouldn't have bet existed, and getting to scan it in to show everyone else just how early in the Shelby evolution this was, that word of mouth hadn't begun to circulate on this remarkable collaboration between Shelby and Ford. In 1966 the AC Cobra was only a few years in the making, with the 427 just becoming available after the initial years of the 260, and the 289 Cobras. In a world without cable tv, the world wide web, FM rock stations... Carroll was handing out flyers! I think the total production was less than 1400 GT 350's that year. I'll look it up and get some accurate stats and post them later.

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