Sunday, November 19, 2006

Steve McQueen

Steve even had this patent. Betcha didn't know that. has had an auction Nov 11 2006, of a lot of Steve's things, motor bikes, etc. One of the items was a knife Von Dutch made for Steve.

Some of the auction items were at the Peterson Auto museum and had a video taken of them on you tube and

Cheryl Crow's tribute song has a good video, nice Bullitt tribute car chase

The original Bullitt chase scene

The cool 2005 Mustang commercial, corn field, build it and they will come, Steve takes the new stang for a drive

The daily driver was a Rolls-Royce and while the car was driven conservatively over the cobblestone streets of Boston's elegant Beacon Hill district, one gets the feeling he was enjoying that experience, too. By the way, McQueen's contract during the period when he was Hollywood's highest paid and most popular star called for him to be given the cars he drove in his movies. His Jaguar XKSS, one of few ever built, is a road-going version of the beautiful and charismatic racing D type.

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