Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Von Dutch, great artist

Conceptually genius. "The Square Rainbow"
Notice the round object suggests Von Dutch's signature eyeball, the dollar sign - his disgust of money.
Sold at a price of $34,500 at Auction May 2006 by RM Auctions, as part of the Brucker collection.
24 x 30"

From the plaid emerges a ghosted image of an eyeball along with a small conical shape, which occupies the lower left hand corner of the painting. Painted in the left side of the eye is an unmistakable dollar sign, the presence of which is by all accounts best described by Dutch himself in a conversation with Temma Kramer, the painting meant, “Money is a square person’s idea of what is at the end of the rainbow.”

It is widely thought that Von Dutch placed a piece of cardboard or wood on the wall and whenever he was using the last of the paint in his spray gun he would “tape off” parts of the painting and spray the piece with another color.


http://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/9500/page3 will show you a lot of other things he made, and other paintings he did. Others followed, but he broke trail and wrote the book.

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