Sunday, January 7, 2007

1954 Desoto Adventurer II, Body and style by Ghia

Located in the San Diego suburb of La Mesa, on El Cahon Blvd east of the 70th St intersection is a terrific car museum called "The San Diego Collection". Owned by the guy who owns Charco Construction, he really throughs a terrific show when he brings some cars to local public car shows. I saw a few he brought to the Coronado Car Show in the summer of '04.

7215 El Cahon Blvd 619 667-3136 to make sure you'll get there during business hours. Worth the trip! I've met a couple of the museum guys when they were at other San Diego car shows like the El Cahon wed night cruise. Great guys, and a terrific museum.
Sliding rear window... such a cool thing to have. In the 50's, Chyrsler was trying to wrench customers from the competition with Italian styled cars, like I mentioned in and

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