Sunday, January 7, 2007

725 HP Dart for sale, not cheap. Mr Norm's back!

528 inch, by VanGordon racing engines. 725 Hp. Completely restored 68 Darts, the first is distinguished by the ram in the tail stripe facing backwards. is the website of the fanclub, and has the complete story and build specs for these. For anyone curious why this guy has a fan club? He had a dealership that specialized in hi-performance Mopars. He would install superchargers on 340 demons, he'd stuff 383's and 440's into darts, heck, he was the innovator that made Dodge realize that engines bigger than a 340 could sell in a dart!
His dealership was Gran Spaulding, and a special sticker would go into the window of the cars he sold, they worth about 30% more than the same car from another dealership to collectors. In the 60's there weren't many who could afford the best musclecars on the market, and there were few dealerships that catered to the few rich enough to order anything they wanted. Tasca Ford, Nickey's Chevrolet, Baldwin Motion Chevrolet, Gran Spaulding Dodge, Yenko Chevrolet.... these are off the top of my head, and not a complete list.

Most of the upgradeable parts were replaced with bigger and better, such as brakes, suspension, etc. The exhaust has electric switch cutouts, has a few good hi res pictures.

Fiberglass fenders, and hood, aluminum engine block and parts... this is as lightweight and best handling as they could design it.

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