Sunday, January 21, 2007

74 mile '70 Hemi Cuda, $500,000

A 62 yr old bought it, took off some factory stuff carefully for storage, installed race parts.... went racing for the rest of the year. Died that winter. His widow died a few years later and the son sold off the car for $3500 in 1977.

The buyer reinstalled the original parts, owned the car for 16 years, and only drove it for pushed it around for just 5280 ft.
Just one mile in 16 years.
330 ft a year on aveage.

My granny's chicken's fly farther than that with a good tail wind.

So it passed through some collectors hands for investment purposes, and in 2005 is purchased with 61 miles. This last owner tuned it up for proper operation, and auctioned it off for $500,000. It's the lowest mileage 70 Hemicuda in existance, and likely it'll never be driven over 100 miles. Sad, that's car abuse. To never drive it... might as well buy a house for investment purposes. It's never going anywhere either.

If I read right, a 71 hemi convertable sold for $2.2 million. $1.7 million more for being a convertable.

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