Friday, January 19, 2007

Auction highlights from the Jan 16-21 Barrett Jackson

Barrett Jackson spring suction has delivered higher sales than I thought it would, here are the ones that surprised me... from the results page

A 70 Challenger with 440 six pack, 4 speed, one owner before the auction restoration

A 70 Road runner with 383 now goes for 71 thou if you blow 30 to 40 thou on a restoration. Amazing. Not worth the work of redoing the photo here though.

a 68 Coronet R/T convertible for 68 thou

a AMC Hurst SC / Rambler for 49.5 thou

a 70 Torino Cobra fastback with 429 CJ for 47 thou

An AAR 'Cuda for 103 thou

But strangely this 67 Torino with a c6 and 390 only went for 13 thou

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