Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Lambrghini's in San Diego

In San Diego's little Italy, around October, there is an annual Festival and though I've missed it many times, I'm gonna be there this year. Lambo's, Ferrari's, Maserati's, etc... filling streets. It's a unique car show for San Diego, of all the shows through the summer I haven't seen these makes of cars group up except at this festival. Streets full of great food, chalk art on the streets, and those marvelous sports cars. Reason enough for me to park a mile away and walk in. 'Cause the parking is not to be found for a long way on this occasion. http://www.littleitalysd.com/festa/ItalianMotorsport.asp Good website for an overview of last years event, I'll update closer to the show on specifics when they're set for the 2007 festival. For some great pics go here http://www.lamborghiniclub.com/sdpix06a.htm

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