Monday, April 30, 2007

How much for a pair of tires? Here's what I found, and where

I asked for price quotes from these places, and the brand name varies from place to place. . . but when you are buying tires don't you want to go with the least expensive? I do. No way I'm able to afford BFG's or Goodyears all the way around my daily driver and my musclecar.

For 2 tires, 215 60/15 total cost out the door is

PepBoys Cooper Definity 75K mileage warranty -------------------$187
Wal Mart DP GT-4 (whatever that is) 40K mileage ---------------$170
plus tax
Costco Michellin 80k mileage ---------------------------------------$264
Tire Depot -----------------------------------------------------------$166

I like these guys - I always go to them first, for both of my cars- but they haven't won me over like Discount has

EXP tires Cooper SCE 50K ------------------------------------------$214

to get your business EXP will match the competition's price. Not good enough for me.

Discount Tires Koumo 50K ----------------------------------------$177

And if the price, road hazard warranty fee, and all the goodies that Discount will do for you weren't enough, find the same tire advertised cheaper elsewhere, and they'll beat it.... not like the high price at EXP from step one, Discount has the 2nd lowest price for a pair of tires, and then there's the extra service.

I like these guys. That's why I keep going back to Discount tires.
All our TirePrices Include: FREE Valve Stems FREE Prorated Road Hazard FREE Lifetime Rotations

future gallery post

Sunday, April 29, 2007

New car show in July.... a big one. July 14th

In the Carlsbad Westfield Plaza Camino Real, off the 78 and El Camino Real.
It is the South West corner of the Mall.

Mopar Club annual event, avid local celeb car collector Bill Goldberg scheduled to be there, I hope he brings the Lawman, Boss 429 drag race car... one of his many incredible cars.

What the competition see. Tail lights.

AAR Cuda. 340 6 pack, built to race

This is so cool, all white car, with just the one eye magnet

Now that's a finishing touch... louver the plate. Cool.

Superbird owners are brave to drive them. These crowd magnets are nothing less than 100 thou each, and rising in value every day.

Nice Charger, super clean... love the hood louvers

the La Salle designers were crazy about chrome I think... in every direction

Not sure what the spread wing design means at the bottom of this pic, but I like it

1930 Graham, wow.

Gets my trophy for best use of color... and look at the wood rims!
Lousy lighting situation for pictures, still... how about the hand cord, roll down shade, hand rail, and flower vase?

Now this is a new one on me, I'm guessing it's a vibration dampener. Stamped into it are the words, "Deluxe, Love joy, Made in USA"

Slammed and shaved Pontiac

When you really have to have a fast buggy

Thats some extensive fabrication...

I'm a sucker for Mack firetrucks. This is so clean...

LS6 454 Chevelle. Amazes me that so few Chevelles of any year ever show off and come to the cruises or shows

Love the flame job... and the chrome pipes.

the green one isn't a Merc, or a Chev... how about that?

Just put it on the ground, and no one can steal it right?

Great pinstriping, cool old license plate.

Hudson. How cool is that?

Round up of the cool, but unique.

A Deosoto Fireflite Coronado, with it's own artwork. Neat.

Just looks cool

Most factory gauges for a car that only has a 289? I bet it is. Looks very cool, 140 speedo is a bit optimistic for factory tuning, but it's added cool factor.

How about a green sun roof, super sized? This just floods my thoughts with 50's optimistic sales brochures of long drives through the southwest deserts, touristing to the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Bonneville.... green interior is a nice touch.

1956 Mercury Monterey Sun Valley. Why the owner didn't put it in the show.... no accounting for tastes I suppose. It goes to reinforce my long held belief that cars just as cool as those on display are in the parking lot, everytime.

Round up of the cool, but unique, at Coronado's car show

An MG with a supercharger. Owner was overheard saying it boosted output 30%, and now has no qualms going up steep hills.

Ever notice the small stuff? This Jaguar tach, made by Smiths, moves counter clockwise, and the top center gauge needles move away from each other... cool points awarded for difference in design, instead of the same ol, same ol.

Buick Caballero. When station wagons were cool, and had wrap around glass for the raised half of the tailgate.

Again with the small stuff... what are the odds on 2 cool 60's Vettes parking next to each other on the same street, at the same car show, with the SAME LAST 3 DIGITS on their license plates? Wow... total effect wow.

Over the Hill Gang has got to be proud of this... so cool, thats craftmanship there.

66 Ford Custom 500. I've never seen one before. Cool!

When is the last time you saw Holley valve covers?
Cragar S/S always look good, blue brake drums, nice!

Sort of the lowest level in Ford's medium size cars for 66, the next level up would have been a Galaxie I think.

Old T-birds should never have the steering wheel of a Trans-am. That's just wrong

Cadillac, with the Hotel Del logo on the side... huge car.

Sorry the relative size isn't easier to make out, but it casts a bigger profile than that red car, a late 40's early 50's... and you know how big those are. This thing is huge!

Beautiful scripting.

This gets the "grand poohbah, high exalted, big daddy" trophy for exquisite scrollwork. Not sure if it was free hand, or template.. but wow, thats freaking impressive. Cadillac knew they were the king of the hill and got the rights to the family crest of the Cadillac family. That's confidence. Notice the Elgin clock... style all the way.
Strange intake, carb, etc etc. Love the spark plug wire tube, keeps everything in the proper place. Aesthetic.
If I had Edison spark plugs, I'd never change them either. No idea about albanite, but labeling each plug with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is dead on.