Saturday, April 28, 2007

1970 build your own convertible GTX, from Virginia, (cool plates)

Of course Plymouth didn't make any, so this cool guy decided he was the right man for the job of adding one to the lexicon. Really, look at this, and tell me what was the brain trust at Mother Mopar thinking when they didn't do this? It's a no brainer for sure.

Just take and find one of the 700 or so ever made convertible Satellites (yeah, right... good luck finding one for sale) add the GTX grill and tail light parts. Put together a bitchin' 440, add some Lakewood bars if you like the look, shoe it with terrific looking Torque Thrust D's, put the GTX emblems behind the side scoops, and Bob's your uncle, (viola is so damn French, them buggers) you've got a damn fine looking and performing drop top.
Still a little course for some, but the owner said he's not looking to be worried about every scratch and ding, it's a machine for enjoying, not a trophy hunter. Rock on.

I just dig this view.

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