Sunday, April 1, 2007

2007 Del Mar Goodguys, my dashboard fascination is fed with manna

This dash is a beaut, might be bakelight, maybe plastic, but a sweet simple design, look at the temp buttons below the radio... heater controls? Just great design all around, speedo to radio aspect, color combo... all of it.

This is from the sweetest Imperial there, very high dollar mods, but the hood and trunk were up, and it would have been a lousy picture of the exterior, next time.... notice the leather wrap on the steering wheel, which ia a perfect styled design, and the HUGE speedo, and realize it's nearly 1/2 as big as the wheel... must be about 10 inch diameter... push button trans too, and leather dash. A pic of the exterior can be seen at

This Lincoln dash is terrific, easy but small guages, and I think the style of the small zeros in the speedo is cool, they aren't needed, and save space by making them 1/3rd the size of the numbers. Just above the steering column are the temp and air controls, almost un-noticeable and not cluttering up the area under the radio.

I think this is from a Merc, dual small ashtrays to match and accentuate the symmetry of the design of the speaker grill and speedo/clock design. Almost elegant. I'd give a 12 pack to know what is going on with the dual radio faces, the left appears to be signal strength, and the right is tuning, but I've never seen one like this before. A 30's woody maybe.

Another Imperial, and dig the 150 speedo, and the shifter next to the radio.... R N D L.

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