Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cadillac, with the Hotel Del logo on the side... huge car.

Sorry the relative size isn't easier to make out, but it casts a bigger profile than that red car, a late 40's early 50's... and you know how big those are. This thing is huge!

Beautiful scripting.

This gets the "grand poohbah, high exalted, big daddy" trophy for exquisite scrollwork. Not sure if it was free hand, or template.. but wow, thats freaking impressive. Cadillac knew they were the king of the hill and got the rights to the family crest of the Cadillac family. That's confidence. Notice the Elgin clock... style all the way.
Strange intake, carb, etc etc. Love the spark plug wire tube, keeps everything in the proper place. Aesthetic.
If I had Edison spark plugs, I'd never change them either. No idea about albanite, but labeling each plug with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is dead on.

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