Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Hemi Bee roams the roads of San Diego.

Hemi from Summit racing and Indy Cylinder Heads, circa 1998. Crate Motor, and then some.

Look out.
610 HP, 640 Ft / Lbs, Demon Carb, Indy Heads and single plane intake, trunk mounted battery, some extra traction control on the axle, huge exhaust, H pipe, power steering, power brakes, Griffin radiator, a 6 speed Viper trans with 2 over drive gears, fiberglass bumpers, 440 6 pk fiberglass hood in a Road Runner / AAR Cuda rear spring configuration with front hood pins.

This may be the best darn thing to do with a tired old Bee. I know, I had one.

Originally a 383 Bee with a 4 speed. Now even 440 or Hemi correct with the rear side window stainless trim removed. I recall that the 383 bees had the stainless along the bottom of the windows, but the 440 6 pk and Hemi bees didn't, the easy tell, if you were looking for some subtle relatively unmolested item that would give away what it was originally.

WM23H9A251072 just for the curious.

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