Monday, April 30, 2007

How much for a pair of tires? Here's what I found, and where

I asked for price quotes from these places, and the brand name varies from place to place. . . but when you are buying tires don't you want to go with the least expensive? I do. No way I'm able to afford BFG's or Goodyears all the way around my daily driver and my musclecar.

For 2 tires, 215 60/15 total cost out the door is

PepBoys Cooper Definity 75K mileage warranty -------------------$187
Wal Mart DP GT-4 (whatever that is) 40K mileage ---------------$170
plus tax
Costco Michellin 80k mileage ---------------------------------------$264
Tire Depot -----------------------------------------------------------$166

I like these guys - I always go to them first, for both of my cars- but they haven't won me over like Discount has

EXP tires Cooper SCE 50K ------------------------------------------$214

to get your business EXP will match the competition's price. Not good enough for me.

Discount Tires Koumo 50K ----------------------------------------$177

And if the price, road hazard warranty fee, and all the goodies that Discount will do for you weren't enough, find the same tire advertised cheaper elsewhere, and they'll beat it.... not like the high price at EXP from step one, Discount has the 2nd lowest price for a pair of tires, and then there's the extra service.

I like these guys. That's why I keep going back to Discount tires.
All our TirePrices Include: FREE Valve Stems FREE Prorated Road Hazard FREE Lifetime Rotations

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