Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm blown away by this level of craftsmanship, and versatility


As part of the Ford anniversary marking the 75th Anniversary of the 32 Ford, ten icons (Bobby Alloway, Roy Brizio, Boyd Coddington, Pete Chapouris, Jesse Greening, Steve Moal, Rolling Bones, Thom Taylor and Troy Trepanier) made pedal car versions of their personal style of a 32.
and look through the June 2007 issue of Streetrodder magazine, pages 196-208. So amazing.

Some of the cool touches these guys and companies put on the pedal cars, take you right past the notion that you are looking at a kids plaything. Louvered hood, cyclops air induction, big and littles, working gauges, working lights, a triplet of carb tubes through the hood, scallops, stance, mini Moon Eyes discs, upholstery, custom rims, custom hub caps... nothing is off the shelf.

Everything that was made to suit the design taste and aesthetic of the individual car customizer is a one off, right off the work bench (or maybe 4 at a time for the rolling stock) but just amazing for the context that these guys do not work on this miniature scale.

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