Wednesday, April 18, 2007

International Automotive Media Awards winners for 2006

16th International Automotive Media Competition announces 2006 International Automotive Media Awards (IAMAs)
Jim Dunne and Jean Jennings take top honors

Veteran auto writer/spy photographer Jim Dunne is the 2006 recipient of the International Automotive Media Award for Lifetime Achievement. ( Brock Yates, Car and Driver, won in 2002 )
Dunne has been Detroit Editor of Popular Mechanics for the past 21 years. His career began with a column for national magazines in the mid-1960s, which continues today.
Jim’s reputation nowadays is equally based on being one of the pioneers in so-called spy photography. As photographer or writer, he travels extensively.
In addition to all the above--auto writing, photography and travel, together with an active sports life--Jim Dunne is a safety device inventor/patent holder, and fit in a stint as technical writer for Redstone Missile.
A native Detroiter, Dunne is a graduate of the University of Detroit and a U.S. Army veteran. He has seven grown children, and lives now in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Some things that stood out in a couple catagories

A-6, History: General
“Hot Rod & Custom Chronicle,” by Thom Taylor, Gold to Publications International, Ltd.
“Muscle Car,” publishing by KP Books, Gold to John Gunnell
“Muscle: America’s Legendary Performance Cars,” published by MBI, Gold to Randy Leffingwell and Darwin Holmstrom

A-7, History: Single Marque or Manufacturer
“Cobra: The First Forty Years,” published by MBI, Gold to Trevor Legate

A-18, Collector Vehicles
“The Cobra in the Barn,” published by MBI, Bronze to Tom Cotter

E-5, History: Motorsport
“When Giants Raced, parts 1-3,” Bronze to Hal Crocker/Vintage Motorsport Inc.

F-40, Design: Total Publication
Motor Trend Classic, March/April 2006, Gold to Motor Trend Classic (which was killed by Motor Trend) (bastards)

M-28, Intro of New Models
“Design Perspectives—Bring Back the Challenger,” on Motor Trend Radio, Gold to Bob Long

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