Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mike's $150 dollar 37 Plymouth... still does 13's in the quarter

A friend of his bought this from a backyard in Alpine, and had the intent of a father / son project... so did the son until the marvel of sanding lost its charm.

For 150 bucks it traded hands and was a 1/4 miler at Carlsbad, until that went extinct. Then it was eased into a cruiser engine, a 350... sorry, not a Mopar engine... for ease of gettign to and from car shows and 1/8 th mile drags at Qualcomm... where it made 8 passes due to the lack of participants... in about an hour.

The Hot Rod and Bike Expo was working with, who are very thin on budget and don't advertise quite as much as you might like... especially when rumors pronounced the demise of Racelegal events due to budget shortfalls in the fall of '05, and all of '06. So today (April 14 '07) only a dozen bikes and cars were there racing before 2pm. Which is when the 67 Camaro took a turn into the K rails, and water barriers. That took a hour and a half to clean up, it took an hour for a flat bed to arrive.... not much reason to hurry when there weren't but a dozen racers waiting to resume racing.

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