Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Overdrive : Hot Rod News

Go on down to El Cajon on Wednesdays, look around for a hot rod newspaper being dropped into the show cars. Or go to some of these locations for a copy:

The Classic Malt Shop (get a chocolate malt! Damnit! Those are good!) Midway Dr, west of Rosecrans, south side of the road, behind Home Depot. their cruise night is 6 to 9 p.m.
Fridays, 3615 Midway Drive
Cars from the '50s and older. Information: (619) 226-1600.

Progear on Ronson, in Clairemont. Have them take a look at the diff in your hot rod, they are the best. Bar none. I'm going to do a post on them too, once I get into a best of San Diego frame of context.

Trueline in El Cajon, site of the last 22 annual car shows, just about a block west of the 67, on Bradley.

Beef and Bun on Fletcher Parkway, where they have a car night once a month... but so far I can't find that info... 2477 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, (619) 465-0767 South side of the road

Carl Burger Dodge on the North side of the 8 in La Mesa, to the left of the entry drive way. Hercules St, take the Jackson St exit off the 8, and hook a west turn at the bottom of the hill at the Chevron, up the hil and hook a left. Sorry my directions suck, but it's better than "Hercules St " that's just not helpful, this dealership is lost in a maze of screwy little roads. Easy to see from the interstate, and been there for about 40 years or so. They have no idea, but they used to sell 440 six pack cars. No one there old enough to remember, except maybe my Mopar Club former Pres... very great guy. Not sure what he does there. . . keep them in line I bet. He knows Mopars better than anyone else there. Ask for the guy who owns the Hemi Satellite, who smokes a pipe. That's the guy, very cool.

http://autos.signonsandiego.com/calendar/cc-index.php for car cruise nights. Not the most friendly way to get the info, it's after a string of info entry in case you want to subscribe.

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