Sunday, April 29, 2007

Round up of the cool, but unique, at Coronado's car show

An MG with a supercharger. Owner was overheard saying it boosted output 30%, and now has no qualms going up steep hills.

Ever notice the small stuff? This Jaguar tach, made by Smiths, moves counter clockwise, and the top center gauge needles move away from each other... cool points awarded for difference in design, instead of the same ol, same ol.

Buick Caballero. When station wagons were cool, and had wrap around glass for the raised half of the tailgate.

Again with the small stuff... what are the odds on 2 cool 60's Vettes parking next to each other on the same street, at the same car show, with the SAME LAST 3 DIGITS on their license plates? Wow... total effect wow.

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