Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Toyota is world's top car maker

Japanese car giant Toyota has overtaken America's struggling General Motors to become the world's biggest vehicle manufacturer.

Sales at GM, which had been top dog for 76 years, (is no longer king of the hill.)

Ford earlier this year revealed the biggest loss in its history. DaimlerChrysler is cutting 13,000 jobs in North America and has put its Detroit-based Chrysler unit up for sale.


How ya like them apples? It's due to very few factors, number one just may be that the AFL/CIO isn't strangling Toyota. GM is about dead, Ford too, Chrysler is on the chopping block.

Once a senior chief on my sub explained to a bunch of us shipmates what a paradigm meant.
American Heritage Dictionary - par·a·digm (pār'-dīm', -dĭm')
n. One that serves as a pattern or model

He also explained that paradigms are often broken by the inception of a better idea, and newer way of getting the same task accomplished.

I bring this up because I think the sound just heard was the breaking of the US automobile machine that has outproduced and outsold all others on the planet.

Nascar was the first step for foreign automakers, then they bought Chrysler, now, they outsell GM.

What's next?

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