Sunday, April 22, 2007

Woody's 69 Super Bee, as seen in Hemmings Muscle Machines ran a feature on Woody's Super Bee, which was very cool... it centered the issue on the theme of survivor cars, those that are original, and still owned by the first purchaser... never been sold to a second owner.
This car was well written about by Jeff Koch, if I recall right, and he is a really good writer... doesn't bore you with the makers history, specs, all the stuff you already know about a make and model, he goes more for the owners memories of the car... why this type, what's occured with it, why it's still in the original owners hands. That's the type of article I love to read, more than the business decisions that brought about the size, weight, and design.
Anyway, I've talked on a couple of occasions to Woody or his dad Bill about this Super Bee. I had a 69 Super Bee too. .. it can really be informative to talk to other owners of the same make and model and find out what they've experienced mechanically, and where they've brought things to get repaired.. ' cause it'll be the things you'll do too... and the recommendations are priceless.
If you have back issues, or friends that do.. it's in the Oct 2006 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines (#37) pages 32 through 37.
So anyway, this has the 383 4 barrel, and power bulge hood, and the optional bumper guards. Everything is still original that you'll see, paint, chrome, rims, and the 73 thousand miles or so. Nice; all over, under, and inside.

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