Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wrong Tool Workshop

A proud tradition since 1973, the Big Macho Wankers have never let a lack of training, tools, or talent stand in the way of their quest to keep fine Bavarian autos in top shape. Whether it is tin cans and radiator clamps to fix an exhaust, to cold chisels and hammers to remove nuts, the Wankers keep 'em rolling. Usually.
The Wrong Tool Workshop embraces the philosophy that any alleged BMW enthusiast who doesn't know what a guibo is should have his BMW taken away. We also believe that there are few things that can't be fixed with proper hammers or the Mighty 8" Bahco 31, God's Own Wrench. Between them, The Bubba Brothers, Earl & Mojo, have been keeping 2002s alive for over 53 years, rarely with the right tools.

I love these guys! Mucho respect for a terrific sense of humor and great website. You will too, especially never forgetting the BMW Special Tool #1

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