Thursday, April 12, 2007

You ain't seen nothing yet... a website that will sell you all the cool stuff you've only heard of, like seasonal air, a wiper blade sharpener, etc

Wiper Blade Sharpener
$24.99 Add:
Wiper blades not cutting it? Why replace them, when you could sharpen them? This high grade whetstone is all that you would expect from our quality...

Left Handed Metric Screwdriver
$12.99 Add:
This screwdriver was specially formulated by the Coalition of Left Handed Peoples for the Furthering of Left Handed Recognition and Also the Metric...

710 Cap
$5.99 Add:
Having trouble locating a replacement 710 Cap? KaleCoAuto has an industry exclusive: The Chrome 710 Cap. The chrome finish provides that desired...

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