Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A bit of tool talk

First and quite important, lets get the "Made in China" out of the way.

Don't buy any, ever. Junk that will fail when you need it most... like when you use it.

What CHINA stands for... Can't Handle INdustrial Applications
I just started working with hand tools at work (vs the electronics job I just left) and when discussing tools, Dave told me that bit of wisdom... truer words never spoken.

Tool Boxes:
Light use are good for a home owners general rare use
Mechanic are decent metal, and have slide drawers
Trax are decent metal, and have roller bearings
Magnum are the best

Made in China
for the past 10 years Vise Grip and Cresent
for the past 6 months Craftsman

Made in Taiwan Gearwrench, who is made for K-D tools, who is owned by Danaher
http://www.danaher.com/business/ the Danaher company also owns Allen (allen wrenches), Armstrong, Fluke (multimeters), Jacobs Vehicle Systems (Jake Brake), Matco, and about 50 others I've never heard of, or don't believe are part of the auto industry

For the highest quality wrenches and sockets at the right price (Snap -On considered overpriced compared to the competitions quality)
best: SK / Proto / Wright
next best: K-D / Eastco / Craftsman

Now if it comes to buying at a swapmeet, or garage sale, and the tools you find are some other brands remember, for the best quality, buy AMERICAN, then made in Taiwan, and never Made In China

Always go to the experts for expert advice. You'll never spend as much time as they have learning all they have gained from experience. Ask Craig at Pat's Tools in El Cajon.


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