Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Early Stone, Woods, and Cook shop pics of the crew and car

I don't know much about alot of stuff.

I do know from experience that it takes a long time to do justice for alot of deserving people. So if and when you read a good story, I hope it occurs to you how many searches, crossmatching, comparing and contrasting of available info usually happens to make a few good paragraphs of solid info to educate with facts.

For more on the Stone, Woods, and Cook crew, the http://www.jalopyjournal.com/?p=904#more-904 write up is recommended.

This posting instigated a posting on The Jalopy Journal, which was where I found these three pictures. So it goes when legends are the topic of conversation. We learn things we don't know from each other, and others join the thread, and give us more knowledge that fills in our gaps in our knowledge.

I'm damn proud to be a member of the HAMB, where so many educated car guys spread the knowledge, legends, and lore of the things that inspired us, thrill us, and please us.

The Stone, Woods, and Cook car and crew are the ONLY reason I love the '40-'41 Willys. It's my top of all lists, car to want, desire, and hope to own someday. I knew little more than that, and remembered less, but to read the posting on Jalopy Journal, and the posting of all the people who joined in the thread with info and pics is a cool thing to know I started, even by pinching and photoshopping these 4 pics from the nooks and crannies of the threads, posts, and links from http://www.jalopyjournal.com/

" The guys in the group picture are K.S Pittman, Wayne Arteaga, Doug Cook and Tiny Roberts. The guy in the white t shirt in the other picture is John Hellmuth"

"All of those pictures were taken by either Wayne Arteaga or his brother Eldon. Both are professional photographers and have provided many pictures to Don Montgomery and the gassermadness site. They were taken in Wayne's garage in North St. Louis. He and my brother often provided pit service to all the name gassers when they were passing through the area."


A really good reason to visit http://www.jalopyjournal.com/ are pics like this!

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