Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I read this on a comment section, wow.. . thats sad

Here is what would happen if Ford owned Ferrari

Like it did to Aston Martin:

1- Ramp up production quickly without Addressing issues. Example DB7

2- Want a new engine, bring it over from the Ford Taurus. Weld two 3.0 Duratecs together to make a V12.

Thats exactly how the 5.9 V12 from Aston is.

3- See if you can get parts from the ford empire and shove it into Ferrari to cut costs again.

Ford put Miata door handles on the DB9.

4- Take Platform sharing to new heights. Make a Jag out of the F430 platform and make other Ford vehicles out of Ferrari platforms.

XK8 and Vantage are the same.

5- Need a V8 engine for Ferrari? Oh no, don't develop one, bring one over from Ford again.

Such as V8 from Ford going into Vantage.

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