Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mercury Cyclone

Soon to undergo the repairs and upgrades needed to get Nascar'd.

Scott picked this up for $1600 from a surfer who had to pay off the 800 he still owed on it... complicated arrangement, still... when's the last time you looked over a hood pin, rear wing, and hood scoop Cyclone?

Flat black hoods are the mark of the serious racer... it's a part of the heat transfer from the engine that was almost popular in the late 60's... Nascar homolgamation rules made the big 3 build the same cars for public sale as the ones that they wanted to put on the track, now how closely they resembled the real race cars is unknown, but it was similar enough that they were painted with flat black paint on the hoods... you may remember Superbees, Cyclones, Talledegas, Boss 302s, Road Runners, Torinos and a few others having the flat black look. It's sharp.

I just happened to have my head on a swivel, and spotted this when I left the Allied Gardens Parade. Very cool, and rare. I haven't seen another, ever, in person

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