Saturday, June 2, 2007

1930 Graham Paige 615 Touring Sedan

in the top of the second picture is a strange looking wood handle with metal side parts, it's for removing the battery! Without this tool, that battery ain't coming out! The rectangular pieces on the ends go over the battery terminals.

I met Royce Dunn at this car show, missed him at the Coronado car show, and got some info this time. He found this around Vista in really bad condition, all the roof wood beams were shot, both the fender spare tires were missing (he found a local San Diegan who has an encyclopedic reference guide to all the old wood spoke rims and who made the two now on the sedan) and brought it back from the nearly too far gone.

Some of the original tools were under the seat, but the rest have been painstakingly located... some by chance, like the NOS air pump.. which was in Kobey's swap meet and he bargained down to 8 from 10$ !

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