Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've found the most dedicated website for C body Mopars or 1969-73

The FUSELAGE website was designed to make people aware of the beauty and elegance of these very impressive, American automobiles:
The 1969 - 1973 Imperial, Chrysler, Dodge Monaco/Polara and Plymouth Fury.

This was done in order to help stop these vehicles from being crushed, neglected or parted out.This website shall assist in identifying the different models in each line and through the years. It shall be a help for auto enthusiasts to determine whether an interior, trim or option was really available to the car model in question.This website also serves as a glorification of the sales material that was produced back then in a very contemporary style.


(why this guy thinks it's illegal for anyone but him to use the images from his website, when he doesn't own the copywrite... Chrysler probably does... is beyond me)

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