Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here's a story about the "Great Race"... and how freaking expensive it is to participate

What do you call someone who wants to drive around the world in a 1918 Chevy V8 Touring Car?

Luke Rizzuto wants to enter the 2008 Great Race in the Schuster Class with his '18 Chevy, one of only seven in existence.

According to Rizzuto, he was invited to be one of only forty drivers because of the great condition of the classic car.

Just for the privilige of joining this race, an entrance fee of $125,500 must be forked over for a sponsored car, and $109,500 for a private car.

Sadly, Rizzuto does not have the cash to join his fellow adventure seekers, so he has resorted to issuing a press release and hoping the media will pimp his cause.

If you want to help Luke Rizzuto on his way, get in touch with him through his website, or e-mail him at

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