Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cool cars that are just hanging around in a San Diego neighborhood. I bet yours has some too. pt 2

Compare this to the brown work truck Ranchero I posted yesterday... yikes amount of work needed here to get this one into that brown ones condition.

Slowly being grown over, this yellow panel delivery is sitting kinda high, might be 4x4?

The patina on this Buick is so striking, I'm going to use it for my banner.

Color coded front bumper and rims makes for a good look here, shows someone went the extra mile on the looks of this, and the hood scoop on the 351 looks great

Rare to see an old Dodge truck, those headlight bezels though... I don't like them.

how this has escaped from being made into a lowrider, here in San Diego it's whole life... amazing. Still has original hubcaps!

I had never noticed a truck with 396 badges before!

The best looking tail design I've ever noticed on a Cadillac, just my opinion, and not a popular one I suppose, but this is one I've never noticed before. Sure beats the spare tire shaped trunk lids style.

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