Thursday, March 27, 2008

From reading the Goodguys Gazette, Feb '08, I was reminded of the Blastolene Brothers

Page 20 had a photo of the "French Curve" but the Gazette isn't online, although here's a news article and gallery of several of the creations of the Blastolene Brothers so I looked around, and found that has been at car shows with both the "French Curve" and the chopped and bobbed Peterbuilt "Sneaky Pete" in the Gazette on page 99 and
A really thorough article on the Blastolene Brothers: Rodney Rucker, Micheal Leeds, and Randy Grubb
and if you're in the Lowe's Motor Speedway area between April 3-6
For a big gallery on the Sneaky Pete Jalopnik contibutors ran a post on Apr 25... a month after I ran this post... So I'm taking credit for bringing it to their attention! (Yup, ego trip in progress)

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