Monday, March 3, 2008

I get a different message than the one they were putting out there

If this were the result of a drunk driver, I would be all for placing this in public as a service to all who drink and drive in order that they might get a taxi next time. The military used to put one of these on a gate at a base all the time to help get the message out to young military members just how dangerous drunk driving is.
But this isn't a good thing. This is a pushy sob who knows that you are a bad driver, a speeder, and the next one to cause a wreck and injuries.

So if the word gets back to the Rancho Penasquitos residents who think we are all worse drivers than they are; that we are all public menaces to the calm, slow, mundane, mature Benz drivers of the world... if the word gets to them that I'm fed up with proselytizing ay-holes with slow old 4 doors... then this write up will completed its purpose.

It should have been evident to you, before getting rear ended, that your SLOW Piece of S... was always holding up traffic, annoying everybody who had things to get to but were unfortunate in being behind the pace car for the snail olympics, and generally aggravating the rest of the world who have a life that doesn't include placing a wreck on the city streets so as to preach your message.
Have a big hot steaming cup of shut the eff up, and don't drive so close behind the vehicle in front of you that when you got rear ended you were pushed into the back of the car of someone else and ruined the day of an innocent driver who wasn't ready to use an accident to shove a message in everyone else's face... they should have their rear ended car in front of your's to tell you not to follow so close.

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