Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rare incredible true story about Richard Petty and a neighborhood kid with a Superbird

For photos and the rest of the story :

But here's the cool part, he original owner purchased the car when he was 16 (with paper route money) from a dealership that was a sponsor for Petty Enterprises, the kid put the car into his mothers name as he was too young to have a title then. On January 4, 1971, the owner was playing hookey from school and was ticketed for "Failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision" and damaged the nose. Unable to get one from a dealer, he contacted Petty and got a nose from him. This nose is on the car and has two spoiler mounting nuts one original and one for the NASCAR chin spoiler. The original ticket, nose and both spoilers are included with the car. The car has been sat in and signed by Richard Petty himself.

Now that is one cool true story. One for the history books.

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