Thursday, March 27, 2008

Turbonique, the 1000 horsepower bolt on

Would you pilot this to 215 MPH?

In Dec '06 I posted about the Turbonique bolt on power adder, And with the links in that posting you can get to the websites that have more about these monster power boosting gadgets, but I have come across a couple other photos and links if you like to be amazed once more: here are pics of a go cart with the Turbonique boosters.... connected to cars, motorcycles, go carts, boats, practically anything with an engine that could use an extra 1000 horsepower.

Via who found this on Ebay, the fuel for these? Thermolene rocket fuel, a combination of nitromethane, propane and oxygen, they were essentially a rocket powered turbine. for a good video about the heir to the RJ Reynolds tobacco company's Galaxie 500 with a "rocket drag axle" from Turbonique
For all the advertising I've came across about Turbonique:

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